🎓Join imojoTech Academy to learn various Digital/business skills, like web design, Advertising, videography, etc

ImojoTech Academy offers online training and certification on the following Digital courses*

📌Web Development – Learn how to create any kind of website by yourself with our web development classes

📌 WordPress – Learn how to create simple basic website by yourself with WordPress

📌Facebook Ads – Learn how to create and run advertisement on Facebook and meta

📌YouTube Ads – Learn how to run adverts on YouTube

📌Video Production – Learn how to capture, edit and produce any kind of video to meet your needs, ranging from advert video, music video, movie video and so much more

📌AdSense Advertising – Learn how to advertise your product and service with AdSense

📌 Graphic Design – Learn how to design beautifull graphics by yourself with adobe photoshop


✅Learn from Anywhere Anytime

✅Ready and standby tutors to guide you

✅Learning Aids/material Available for practice.

✅As a student of imojoTech academy, if you experience any difficulty while trying to do it yourself we are always ready to assist you for FREE

✅N5000 Only (for all coures)

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