A Lesson

A 5-year-old boy went to a drugstore and said to one of the pharmacists:

“Sir, here is all the money that I have saved. Please take all of these and give me the miracle I badly need.”

Taken aback, the pharmacist asked the little boy:

“What miracle are you badly in need of, and why?”

The boy answered,

“The doctor said my mother needs a miracle to heal her illness, so please take all my money I saved for my bicycle; I love my mother so much, and I want her healed! Please help me! Is my money enough?

Deeply moved by what he heard, the pharmacist said:

“I do not have the miracle you seek. We do not sell it here. If we had it, I would gladly have given it to you for free. It’s only Jesus, the Son of God, who has that particular cure. Go to a church and ask Him for a miracle. ”

Without losing any minute, the little boy immediately rushed to a nearby church, and there, he saw a life-like statue of the Crucified Christ on the Cross above the altar and pleaded,

“I can see the sufferings you endure while hanging on the cross, and I know you may not have enough time for me, but the pharmacist told me that You have the miracle my mother badly needs. You know I love my mother so much, and I’m prepared to give You all this money I saved, intended for my bicycle, with a promise that I will help You get down from the Cross, but please… I beg you to heal my dearest mother!”

However, the Crucified Christ on the Cross did not answer.

Receiving no reply, and with an elevated voice, the angry boy said,

“If You are not going to help me, I’m going to Your Mother, Mama Mary! I know You love Your Mother as much as I love my mother, but please… I beg you to give me the cure my mother needs, and I promise you, I will return right away to help you get down from the Cross!”

Meanwhile, a priest within earshot heard the little boy’s pleading. He approached the little boy and said,

“Nicely talk to Him without raising your voice. Jesus can hear you.”

Feeling sorry for the boy, the priest accompanied him to go home. While walking, the little boy expressed to the priest how much he loves his mother, and just what the pharmacist said, only Jesus can help him with the miracle for his mother.

Arriving home, the little boy was shocked that his mother was NOT in bed! He immediately sought and called for her, only to find his mother in the kitchen, up and well. She happily narrated to his son that,

“A man came earlier and introduced himself as a doctor whom, he said, you asked to see and check up on me, which he did, and I am well now, as you can see. He even asked me to convey to you that, just like you, he also loves his mother very, very much… How and where did you get to meet the doctor, son?”

The priest, who by now has tears running down his eyes and is unable to contain himself, said between sobs:

“Jesus has mercifully done the miracle you have asked Him for your mother. He only came way ahead before us.”

*Remember, the Good Lord Jesus sees all that we suffer and endure in this life, all the tears shed. He knows our needs and is always attentive to our prayers. He answers our prayers in His time.🙏


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