Short Story

“I am handing over this house to you,you are a good brother,you deserve it” My brother who just came back from America gifted me the house he told me to help him build.

He has been sending money to me in Nigeria for the past five years to build him a big mansion,a place he and his family can come and stay when they visit Nigeria. But I was greedy,I bought substandard materials which was used in building the house,everything used to build the house all fake and not real materials.

When he came over to Nigeria, I took him to the house,”I am handing over this house and car to you,you are a good brother, you deserve it “he told me. On hearing this,I wept in my heart because my greed had eventually caught up with me. I wish I was never greedy!,I wish I had been a good brother just like he thought I was!.


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