Mohbad…the unending tale of justice.

On September 12, 2023, The Nigerian music industry lost a very promising star who was most likely on his way to the top. Though he was not very well known, his name nonetheless rang a bell enough for people to recognize who he was when news about his sudden death started filtering the internet.

Almost immediately, conspiracy theories began at first, with some people speculating that he, mohbad got hit by a charm after his show, and not long afterwards, since the internet never forgets and people are known to easily dig info into the past through the net, it wasn’t too long before mohbad’s issues with his former label boss Naira Marley and associate, Sam Larry was brought to the limelight.

Naira Marley, obviously oblivious about what was about to erupt, went on social media and posted a video of himself seemingly celebrating and having fun. To cut the long story short, #justiceformohbad became the national anthem for the next few weeks no doubt catching Naira Marley and Sam Larry off guard who before then never thought the death of an upcoming artiste would cause so much uproar across the entire country enough for the Government to give an order for the body of mohbad to be exhumed in order for an autopsy to be conducted and for proper investigations.

The issues surrounding mohbad’s death are to a very large extent somewhat mysterious and that makes people and lovers of justice want to get to the very bottom of the matter, you would recall that sometime last year, mohbad’s home was raided by NDLEA agents who arrested mohbad and zinoleesky, another signee of Naira Marley but the issue here was not just about the arrest, but the fact that according to mohbad, some of the agents apparently forced him to drink a certain strange liquid and ever since then, his body didn’t felt the same. Fast forward to 2023, and Naira Marley was made an ambassador to NDLEA. Were these two incidents related? Only investigations can answer that but the question is, can a kingdom be divided against itself? And how long will it be before the people get tired of waiting for the outcome and so many unanswered questions and move on with their lives as another justice gets swept under the carpet while the people leave justice for God?

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