Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. She lived in a tall tower in the woods, and no one could get in or out because the tower had no doors or windows. Only the evil witch who kept Rapunzel captive could reach her by climbing her long, golden hair. One day, a handsome prince was wandering through the woods when he heard Rapunzel singing from the tower. He fell in love with her beautiful voice and vowed to rescue her. The prince tried to climb the tower, but he couldn’t find a way in. So, he waited outside the tower every day until he saw the evil witch come to visit Rapunzel. He hid and watched as the witch called up to Rapunzel, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” When Rapunzel let her hair down, the prince quickly climbed up to the top of the tower. There, he met Rapunzel for the first time and promised to take her away from the evil witch. Well, the next day, the prince brought Rapunzel a long piece of silk rope. He told her to use it to let him into the tower when the witch came to visit. But the evil witch soon found out about their plan. She cut off Rapunzel’s hair and banished her to a desert. The prince searched for Rapunzel for many years, and finally found her when he heard her beautiful voice coming from a cave in the desert. They were reunited and lived happily ever after. The end! 🥰

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