How Much is imojo Moni Signup fee?

Imojo Moni Signup fee is NGN1,700. and you pay it only once. No extra charges

Can i withdraw without referral?

Yes, you can withdraw non referral earning in imojo tech without referring anyone. Referral is optional

How much Do i get for referral?

For each Succesful Referral you get NGN1000 and you can withdraw it any week

How many people do i have to refer before i can withdraw the referral money?

There’s no minimum referral limit before you can withdraw it. This means that even if its only one person you can refer that week your NGN1000 will be paid out to you that week

Can i get paid for clicks?

Yes, you get paid when someone clicks your link even if there don’t register

How do i make money on imojo tech?

There are so many ways you make money on imojo Moni ¶You can make money by posting Adverts on your social media status or timeline, ¶You can make money by liking, commenting and sharing special post on Social media, ¶You can make money by Doing Simple Jobs with your phone, ¶you can make money by just loggin in everyday, ¶ you can make money by posting content (news, Stories, Gossips, etc) . You also make money by reading other people’s content. ¶You can make money by referring someone . And so much more, the list is endless. Even by just loggin in daily you earn money.

How do i withdraw my Non- Referral money

Withdrawing your non referral money is very simple. After saving your account details in the payment section, all you have to do is Request for withdrawal by typing in the amount you want to withdraw each time you wish to withdraw and your withdrawal will be processed and you receive your money in your bank account on weekend

How do i withdraw my Referral money

After filling in your account details on imojo tech for referral payment, you dont need to request for withdrawal referral balance, because your referral money will Automatically be sent to your bank account every weekend . All you have to do is save your account details for withdrawal balance and relax as you will be receiving your referral alert to you bank account every weekend without having to request

Can i advertise

Of course Yes, You can advertise your product or services. .

What else can i do with imojo Tech

Imojo Tech is not only about making money, You can also grow your business with imojo Tech, Join the Acadamy, Get a web design for yourb business or an advert video for your busness and so much more