We have a gift for you🎁🎊

Thank you for being a fan all this years, we wouldn’t have come this far without you. We want to say thank you. To show how grateful we are we have a gift for you .

Available Prizes:
1. Apple iphone 8 2. HP Laptop 3. Samsung Galaxy 4. Airtime 5. Data 6. Free Account 7. Free website 8. Free advert video 9. Free coupons

Please this gifts are only for imojo Tech fans, if you aren’t a fan yet please kindly follow imojo Tech on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and twitter. and do at least one task and you instantly get a gift. (please note that Facebook Instagram Twitter and YouTube are compulsory)

Do at least one task below. You don’t need to do all, Just do the ones you can And You will still get your gift, But the more task you can do the bigger your gift, but there’s definitely a gift for you.

If you have finished following and doing task please provide us with the necessary details so we can Verify. Please do not click Verify if you aren’t done. Once you click verify you can’t go back and make further changes anymore.

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